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Monday, October 3, 2011

Take the weather with you
Last night the hail fell in big lumps, twice the size we normally see them in the Highveld summer storms.
We've had no rain for months, none at all in September, in which, according to my climate data, we would normally have 27mm. On the first day of October, we had our first storm, followed by rain and hail last night. In just two 24-hour periods, we've had 34mm - that's almost half of what we would 'normally' get in October. (With a tornado in the East Rand thrown in.)
Meanwhile, the Weather Service data shows that our average high for September 2011 was 24 degrees C. Historical data puts the average at 22.8. What does this mean? No-no-no, not climate change, nobody's going to admit to that!